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IK Asbestos Removal (Pty) Ltd specializes in the removal, handling and dumping of any ACM (Asbestos Containing Material), following the strict guidelines and regulations as set out in the DoL (Department of Labour) Act and Regulations. All our projects are monitored by an Approved Asbestos Inspection Authority.


Key Services Offered :

  • Free Site Inspections.
  • Free Non-Obligated Quotes.
  • Asbestos Sample Testing.
  • Removal of Asbestos Roof Sheets.
  • Removal of Asbestos Roof Slate Tiles.
  • Removal of Asbestos Gutters & Downpipes.
  • Removal of Asbestos Floor Tiles.
  • Removal of Asbestos Cladding.
  • Removal of Asbestos Ceiling.
  • Removal of Asbestos Water Pipes.
  • Removal of Asbestos Water Tanks.


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Commercial & Industrial

Warehouse renovations / demolitions, etc.

Agricultural Industry

Packing warehouses, Farm Houses, etc.

Construction & Building

Building contractors – New & Renovations

Quantity Surveyors


Roofing Companies

Our Core Services

Roof Removal

Removal of any type of asbestos roof sheet or slate tile.

Gutter & Down Pipe Removal

Removal of any type of asbestos gutter and down pipe.

Cladding Removal

Removal of asbesots cladding.

Free Site Inspections

Free site inspections.

Asbestos Sample Testing

Not sure if it is asbestos. We will test it for you.

New Roofing

We not only remove the old asbestos roof, we will fit your new roof as well.

Question & Answer

May anyone remove or work with asbestos?

No. Only registered asbestos contractors with a valid registration certificate may handle asbestos. There are huge penalties if you are caught handling asbestos.

Is asbestos really dangerous to your health?

Asbestos fibers are very dangerous to your health. If the asbestos is broken, friable or damaged due to friction then the possibility of fiber release is high.

How do I know if the work is done properly?

Every registered asbestos contractor must work through an Approved Asbestos Inspection Authority. They are the “inspectors” who has to see that we do the work as per asbestos work plan and that we follow the rules and regulations as per Law.

How do I know if the contractor is legit?

The contractor must provide you with his registered certificate that has not expired yet. It is only valid for 12 months. If you are still not sure then you can contact your local Department of Labour office and ask for a list of the registered asbestos contractors. There are alot of contractors that will convince you to go the “cheap” way and cut out the asbestos contractor and Approved Asbestos Inspection Authority. This will lead to you not having any proof that your site is asbestos free and you will face a hefty penalty or jail time.

Latest News about our Industry

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Diseases caused by Asbestos exposure.

Specialist Care & Treatment

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